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The following images can be used to link to your arcade. The screenshots can be linked to or downloaded and saved on your own server.

Title: Worms Have Wings - Click to Play.
Game ID: 84
Game Type: Arcade
Description: Jump little fish - Jump for your lives! You start the game with 5 fish and your job is to keep them alive by feeding them. Click and hold your mouse button on a fish. The longer you hold the higher they jump. Try to feed them flying worms and flies. Avoid the hungry birds and the fisherman with the T.N.T.

Title: Jungle Fruit - Click to Play.
Game ID: 72
Game Type: Arcade
Description: Battle of the barrels is now under way.. join in and clear out as many as you can.

Title: 3 Card - Click to Play.
Game ID: 5
Game Type: Gambling
Description: The concept is simple, keep your eye on the Queen and when the cards are done shuffling, click on the Queen. The more you bet the faster the shuffle will go.

Title: Force Within - Click to Play.
Game ID: 57
Game Type: Arcade
Description: Force Within is one of those sit back and relax while playing games. There`s no pressure as you simply click on the spots to where you want to move the tiles, but keep in mind you`re forced to stay within 2 spots of where you start. Overall object is to remove the tiles from the playing area by creating rows or columns of 4 or more tiles that are the same symbol. The computer will try to stop you by placing tiles on the screen. He`s not very good at what he does because you can see his next move and either block him or use his tiles to your advantage.

Title: Limited Space - Click to Play.
Game ID: 33
Game Type: Arcade
Description: Randomly made pieces are formed and you are in control of their placement on the playing area. You can set the object wherever you want and you can rotate it until you have it just right. You`re trying to form straight lines of 4 or more. Once you form a line those blocks will be removed. Did we mention that they all have to be the same color? The more blocks removed at a time the more points you will receive. As you move through the levels more colors are added making the game much more interesting.

Title: Force A Roll - Click to Play.
Game ID: 46
Game Type: Board
Description: Here`s the deal. There are 49 poker chips that are randomly placed on the playing area. Your mission is to remove all of the chips in one round based on the roll of 2 dice. The chips you remove must add up to or be equal to the amount shown on the dice. Oh just one more thing, you are working against the clock.

Title: Dying Breed - Click to Play.
Game ID: 51
Game Type: Logic
Description: Match wits against 77 dice in this mind-blowing strategy game. The object is simple; remove the dice from the playing area by rotating the dice to make matching sets of 2, 3, 4 or 5 dice. Here is a helpful hint, all of the die are built identical so get to know the die and what is located around it. Really pay attention to sixes, threes and twos, because with those dice you can actually bring your chances down to 50/50 instead of 1 in 4. If you spend a little time with the game you will improve your score. You can set a high score in each of the game layouts, which include Beginner, Novice and Expert.

Title: Shanghi Infinity - Click to Play.
Game ID: 61
Game Type: Board
Description: A classic version of a classic game. Play 15 different designs inside of 2 different styles of play (144 tile and 72 tile). To play, simply match 2 tiles that are the same and they will be removed from the playing area. Playable tiles are tiles that are not covered by anything and have either its left or right side clear.

Title: X Triple I - Click to Play.
Game ID: 52
Game Type: Card
Description: Just take a deck of cards and some T.N.T., mix them up and call it a game. The overall object is to remove sets of cards that will total 13, and you have T.N.T. that can be used to blow away the cards you don`t want to use. Only the cards that are not covered by another card can be selected for removal. Work your way through 13 levels and you can be crowned the champion of this game.

Title: Hat Trick Basketball - Click to Play.
Game ID: 47
Game Type: Sport
Description: Let`s see you shoot a hat trick in this somewhat twisted idea of a basketball game. You start with 27 balls and for every 3 you shoot in you will receive another ball. You control the power behind your shot and you control the timing of the release of the ball to the hoop. Use your spacebar or mouse button to control the action. Score is based on how fast you react to the power meter, the height of your jump shot and, of course, if you make it. To increase the chances of making it, try to time the power meter at it`s peak and release the ball at the top of your jump.

Title: Virus - Click to Play.
Game ID: 11
Game Type: Logic
Description: Overall object of this game is to grow a virus to infect the whole playing area in as few moves as possible. To grow your virus, you simply pick a color by clicking on it at the bottom of the screen, your virus will then become that color and take over any cell that is touching the edge of the virus and is the same color. Careful planning and a little luck are needed to take a high score in this game.

Title: RSP ShowDown - Click to Play.
Game ID: 65
Game Type: Board
Description: Rock, Scissors and Paper are at it again. Rock, Scissors and Paper are having their final showdown, and this time you are in control. Remember that Rock crushes Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper and Paper covers Rock. You can mix 2 of the same tokens to create a powerful Gold Token. Use the arrows to create sliding take downs to produce a higher score. This twisted version of the good old game will have you cutting, smashing and covering like never before.

Title: Measure This - Click to Play.
Game ID: 64
Game Type: Arcade
Description: Measure This is a ruler game. Can you measure up to the challenge? Test the speed and knowledge of your brain and simply click on the measurement. Each correct answer will extend your time on the clock. 2 levels of play. This game was born out of the idea that we (the U.S.A.) are going to be switching to the metric system... I have heard that for the last 20 years and we still have not switched, so it`s high time for everyone to learn to read a ruler. The time has come for you to spank the ruler instead of the ruler spanking your little butt.

Title: Poker 25 - Click to Play.
Game ID: 66
Game Type: Card
Description: Mix and Match your way through 2 decks of cards trying to create your best poker hand(s). The playing field is a 5 by 5 card table. As you create rows or columns of 5 cards they are removed for a score. Try to remove 2 or more sets at a time for bonus points.

Title: Black Dragon - Click to Play.
Game ID: 49
Game Type: Board
Description: Come play against the Black Dragon in this Shanghi Game. Welcome to the dragon`s lair. The game consists of 8 different layouts and every game will present a new challenge. Careful planning and some luck are needed to take the high score. Black Dragon is played with 20 tiles that are setup on the playing board of your choosing. All you have to do is remove the tiles in sets of 4. Try to match the sets by color, symbol or both. Achieve bonus points for removing 4 Orange Frogs or 4 Black Dragons. The more sets you remove that match in both color and symbol will increase your strength and thus increase your score. Here`s a helpful hint, study the tiles to learn how the edges are colored and you will be able to plan your attack in a much more organized fashion. You can set a high score in every board layout.

Title: Dons Four Play - Click to Play.
Game ID: 26
Game Type: Card
Description: This is a solitaire card game that you will find yourself addicted to in no time at all. We feel it`s one of the best solitaire games available.

Title: Pyramid - Click to Play.
Game ID: 37
Game Type: Card
Description: The game is very easy to understand, but very difficult to defeat. You are trying to remove cards that add up to 13. Kings can be removed by themselves because they are worth 13. Queens can be removed with the help of an Ace, a Jack and 2 can be removed together,and the rest have to add up to the 13 as well. You can only go through the deck once, so take your time and make sure you don`t miss a move. Only the cards that are not covered by another card can be selected for removal.

Title: Color Reactor - Click to Play.
Game ID: 60
Game Type: Board
Description: Color Mixing at it`s best. Try to clear all of the colored balls from the playing area before you run out of attempts. With a little planning you can take the high score in this game. Game features FireBalls, Mixing Options and C-Bombs

Title: Project 156 - Click to Play.
Game ID: 45
Game Type: Logic
Description: Beware! This game has been known to cause an addiction to players! The game play is simple to understand, but may take time and a little luck to conquer it. Simply remove the number of required blocks and advance to the next round. Sounds EZ, right? You will find it a little harder than it sounds. Here`s a little hint, work the left side of the screen, or was it the right, I can`t remember which one it was. Maybe you`ll figure it out.

Title: Video Poker - Click to Play.
Game ID: 7
Game Type: Gambling
Description: It is 5 card 1 draw poker. What can we say? You just need to try to get your best poker hand with the 5 cards shown. Go on! Spend your play money! What do you have to lose?

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